Plot or not?

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Is there a plot to this book? I see that there is some close reading that can be done here like comparing the west to death or survival. The books constantly returns to these places or this scenery if the comparison isn't already obvious enough. "Everything was saw-edged and spiny-pointed. Everything was defensive and fierce and determined to live" (12).

But where is the plot? Or is this all commentary? I want to use the plot to make sense of the comparison, running metaphor, and assist in my close reading, but I just don't know what plot structure this book follows (if there is one at all). And the order is all messed up. Is this book chronological? The narrator seems all over the place and unreliable. I can't tell where the flashbacks are or maybe there aren't any.



Dave said:

No, Aja, there is no plot. Alice is whiny, Corvus is comatose, Annabelle is annoying, Ray is crazy, etc. The end. Honestly, I've read more cohesive collections of short stories....and actually come to think of it, several of the more entertaining scenes could probably be made into reasonably entertaining short stories, if you cut out all the blah blah blah in between them.

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