Ruby in the Rough

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I was going to read a review about the book "The eyes of A King," but I couldn't find a lengthy review for it so I decided to search for the better-known "Breaking Dawn." Only I was also greeted with short blurbs because it came out a few years ago and "Twilight" was more widely known.

The book review by Elizabeth Spires was not only long enough, but it did the job very well. I read through the whole editorial without feeling bored. It was longer than the blurbs with more information, but it didn't spoil anything and left the reader wanting more. The review was concise and interestingly compared two books (finding similarities and differences) without making one seem less wanted/readable than the other: "Twilight" and "Enthusiasm".

Even though I don't like Jane Austen at all, this review made me want to read it to find this "romantic obsession" that is also in "Twilight" and to see how much of this story seems to be fanfiction from Jane Austen books or a parody like "Goodnight Desdemonda."

The reiwer seems to know a lot about the book and she gives more details about the book. It begins like a summary, but tells the action and the most popular parts like a news story. She also relates her childhood and the typical teenage years to these books. I have so much more to say about this review (in a postive way mostly), but I've already taken up too much space.

I wrote my book review on a not-so-popular book titled "dr. franklin's island" and the New York Times had a small blurb. "Ah, wouldn't you know, a mad scientist is on the other side of the tropical island where three teenagers are the only survivors of a plane crash. Dr. Franklin is looking for young people to use in his experiments in 'transgenic treatments.' Quite scary."

This books isn't quite as good or well-known as "Twilight" or "Harry Potter" but it's still an interesting piece of lit. It's hard to find information on it too. It's not a diamond, but it's not valueless.

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