The Research Essay Review

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Wow this chapter was long and it covered so much stuff. At the same time, I felt a lot of it was review. For example, the strategy to look for a topic: "If you still cannot decide on a topic after rereading the words you have liked, then you should carry your search for a topic into your school library" (260).

Since I'm indecisive, this is the same strategy I take each time and I look for a long article or book. The bibliography section was like the bibliography exercise that we did and the online library services is like what we went over on Friday and in Intro to Lit last year.

The notecard idea was interesting and I remember using it in high school once, but it costs money and it's time consuming. It's easier today to copy/paste links, bibliographies, notes, and quotes onto Word and save it.

This information actually seemed so outdated to me that I checked the publication date. Most recent: 2006. Originally published: 1964. Maybe this section needs to be updated.



Wow, I had no idea the first edition was from 1964! That's crazy, and impressive that Roberts was able to revise and republish for 45 years.

I agree with you, though. Like you said in Josie's blog, it's much easier to use Ctrl+F.

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