Methane Stinks

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The garbage interactive media thing was interesting. I actually clicked through and read each of the slides before I discovered a video would pop up. My browser/service has been very slow lately. I actually enjoyed the information slide that you can click through more than the video. I felt I had all the information I needed without it.

Then again I suppose you should have some reporting with added to the mix so it doesn't just seem like an eco-informational website. I took the recycling path first. Not much to say. It was interesting to learn the process of where our trash goes, though I'm not sure where the actual news was or if this was a news site at all. I felt it was also missing numbers and facts like how many garbage sites are there in the US that actually convert methane to good use.

I can see how interactive media is effective in attracting and keeping audiences. Not everyone is textual. With unlimited space on the internet, why not bring in color, sounds, and motion. If you give the readers/users a chance to chose what they want to see also the power attracts them to keep coming back. After all, a hardcore Republican is not going to return to a site or newspaper that pushes only Democratic views.


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