Not True Love

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"Luka, tell them in the stable not to give Toby any oats today" (Roberts 392).

I believe that Anton Chekhov's Mrs. Popov in "The Bear: A Joke in One Act" didn't really love her husband and wasn't in love with Smirnov either. She seems to be trying to spite her husband and one-up him by being more faithful than he was. As Carissa mentioned in class today, she had powdered her face and when she was talking to him (via a painting) she never mentioned anything more than a skin-deep attraction.

I believe Smirnov, being the first man to see her after her husband died, was what she attatched herself to. We mentioned in class that his rude, frankness pushed her to liking him. She was used to a liar so the other extreme was some sort of relief. Or it could be looked at the opposite way. She was used to someone mean to her so someone else that was mean reminded her of her husband. Vicious circle.

In any case, she doesn't say I love you back to him. She yells for him to get away from her before he kisses her. (I don't think he really loved her either, but that's another blog.)


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