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"And yet one-third of Americans believes that crimes by adults are on the increase and two-thirds believe that juvenile crime is on the increase. Saturation coverage of the acts of a few violent kids, he says, is distorting and skewing the nation's understanding of crime: 'Yes, 13 kids were killed at Columbine. But, by comparison, every two days 11 children die at home at the hands of their parents or guardians'" (40-1).

This has my mother written all over it. She's one of those people that read's quick snippets of information and exposes herself to media and information without questioning. If it comes from the news, she believes it is always legitimate. And so her percention of crime, of how to raise children, of the world around us, is a distorted.

As I was growing up, I remember her following whatever trend was in the news. Video games lead to violence and school shootings: confiscate and then promptly forget where you took all of them. Every egg contains salmonella and high cholsterol: no more eggs for breakfast.

It reminds me of a South Park episode about this very thing. The parents hear that school is unsafe, then their own neighbors, then themselves. Each time they took their kids away from the problem until they just sent them out into the world on their own.

I always complain about the negative news so changes to system would be great. 



April Minerd said:

I touched on the same issue in my blog: in fact, I used the same excerpt. And I can relate, my mom thinks the news is an accurate summary of the world’s condition. I think bad news is popular because it is, sadly, embraced more readily. There are those who relish in the demise of others—think celebrity gossip (John & Kate’s ratings went through the roof when the couple had marital difficulties). It’s good to know the future journalists (including yourself) would like to see that trend change.

Josie Rush said:

This is a huge problem with the news that is not completely the fault of journalists, editors, etc. People take what they see on the news, and assume it's a completely unbiased representation of the real world. One mention of a teenager who commits murder, and suddenly a person is under the impression that teenagers everywhere are stealing guns and shooting strangers. While this misconception is not *completely* the fault of the news (viewers need to take some responsibility for their beliefs as well), it does put some more responsibility on the people behind the news. Now they need to make sure that there's as even as possible of a representation of current events. Maybe they can even give some statistics after a particulary disheartening piece of news, like, "Despite this tragedy, the amount of juvenille crimes committed this year has dropped from previous years" or something like that.

Aja Hannah said:

Josie, I really like your last comment. I feel that would really make the paper objective and unbiased. It would help to present the world fairly.

Richelle Dodaro said:

The point that you make about your mom truly reminds me of mine too! Whatever is popular with the news, whether it's the video games and the rap music, she usually believes it all and prints out articles for my sister and I to read. She stick the articles on our bedroom doors or on the computer. It's kind of comical. I feel bad saying it, but it's true.

Dianna Griffin said:

Aja, I agree. My mother is always bringing up all the terrible things that happen in the news. Come on mom, it's not like those things happen 24/7. She has called me every day for the past 3 days to tell me a new story about a murder or a rape. Not only does she describe the story "in detail," she also gets completely too emotional. What am I supposed to do? I mean yea it's sad, but can I really do anything about it?

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