"Wherefore art thou Dinosaur"

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In preparation (and for my own fun), I've been researching dinosaurs. I am particularly drawn to National Geographic because of their up-to-date documentaries. Before I got started, I wanted to see how much I still knew. I took the Dinosaur Quiz on their homepage and scored an 88%.

Keeping up with the always changing world of dinosaurs is tough work. I had to refresh myself on the old information before including the new. For example, I read the Dinosaur Mummy article from 2007 to refresh my memory of the documentary I saw about Dakota (the name they gave the little hadrosaur). This researched changed what we know about the muscle and organ structure of dinosaurs.

You may not think dinosaurs are still popular or in the news, but the Tribune-Review just had an article about the new crocodiles found in Africa on the front page. I couldn't find their link so I'll link to the Chicago Tribune's article.

I've watched Bizarre Dinosaurs, When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs, Dino Death Traps, Dinosaurs Decoded. I've searched the Wyoming Dinosaur Center book store to see what may be helpful to know while working there. I ILL-ed a few books including Extreme Dinosaurs (an amusing children's pop-up book and Jurassic West (a detailed account of paleontology in western America). As you may be able to guess, the second book was more helpful.

Although this won't really help me in Wyoming, I visited the touring Chinasaurs exhibit at the Baltimore Maryland Science Center.

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