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The complex grammar of "In the last part of his speech, Lincoln claims..." also provides a background or setting for the rest of the information.

This section (6 of Williams's "Style") also told readers to put complicated phrases or information at the end of sentences and, while I agree that this approach is helpful some of the time, I feel like loading the end may also stop readers from continuing. Sure, it got them to start the paragraph, but what about the rest.

I propose to then use variety and sometimes put the complicated phrase at the beginning followed by "is" or "are" as in a definition. So one of the phrases would become: Actin, myosin, tryopmyosin, and troponin are the four proteins that regulate muscle contraction.

This way I am likely to remember the heavy phrases at the beginning (which will probably be used again in the work) and are more easily able to find their definition if need be. For example, finding a sentence with the word "The" will be harder when skimming the text then finding "Actin".

This point, of course, becomes moot if the paper's focus is on "actin" in which case it will probably be the subject/topic of many sentences.

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Cody Naylor said:

I like your idea about varying the sentence structure... it's a good compromise between what Williams is preaching and your own reasoning about the reader being too intimidated to continue...

Tyler J. Carter said:

I agree, and this is a valid point Aja. Intimidation is not in our job description.

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