Children in Chairs

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Copy-editing Tip One:

The "Setonian Copy-editing Tips" says, "On subsequent references, use last name (unless you have two people with the same last name, or unless the person is a child.)

To expand on that: The AP Stylebook under the "name" section says to use the first and last name. I have also seen papers distinguish the two people and then refer to them (subsequently) with just their first names.

Also, the age of a child as defined by the AP Stylebook is children under 15 (using first name only) unless the story is a serious one and then their last name should be included. Always use discretion when naming or interviewing children in stories in any case.

The Second Copy-editing Tip I have comes under the title section. "When words aren't part of a formal title, don't capitalize."

Under titles, specifically past and future titles, in the Stylebook it says to not capitalize the qualifying word, meaning "former President Clinton" would be as seen here. "Former" described the condition of the word/title, but is not part of the title. The same thing (under academic titles) go for "department Chairman Michael Arnzen."

To make a note, years in school is not counted as a title (sophomore, junior) and should not be capitalized (at least from what I've seen in the Setonian) unless it is the beginning of a sentence.


The word "chairman" brings its own problems. You might want to consider a different example.

Aja Hannah said:

Well, "Humanities Divison Chair Michael Arnzen" would be correct all caps, right?

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