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"If we don't want others toimpose carelessly complex writing on us, then we ought not to impose it on others. If we are socially responsible writers, we should make our ideas no simpler than they deserve, but no more difficult than they have to be" (124).

The page number may be different because I have an old copy of Style, but I wanted to note that here Williams seems to make writing (simple or complex) a global issue (like the increasing awareness of the human footprint on the enviroment) and if we don't stop this horrible writing soon than the world of written world will come to an end. At least that is the way the set-up of the sentence sounds.

However, he does have a point. If we all wrote well, there would be no readers feeling belittled when a writer writes to them as if they are four (and similarly for complex sentences).

Another note: Perhaps people distrust politicians, lawyers, or those long user agreements (online or in banking) because their wording is always long and complicated. But, if the above's writing is clear, how would they sneak in those loopholes.

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I like your observation that good writing advice is, at basis, moral advice. What goes around comes around... the wheel of karma... the golden rule.

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