Thermopolis and Work

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As the days of summer are approaching, I am trying to set-up opportunities for work while I will be home. I never thought getting a job that would work around the trip would be so hard. At the same time, I'm looking for internships for my journalism degree.

I applied to a radio show and I was called in for an interview, but before I went I told the producer of my college trip. I had to cancel the interview, though I am happy I had the experience of writing a useful CV and speaking with someone in the business.

I never thought of radio before as a job I'd like to work in, but the hosts seem to truly like their job and have fun. They also get the best of both worlds: communicating with all kinds of people, but also keeping their privacy. Not everyone knows their face.

That's kind of what I was looking forward to as an author.

To return to the subject of Thermopolis: If you're going to take this trip or one like, you should probably already have a steady job that you can take three weeks leave from because you probably won't find one.

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