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So I updated last from my phone at the airport. After that, my flight was delayed further until 5:45 (originally supposed to be 2:30) and I had been waiting at the airport since 10:30 so I'm very happy to finally have arrived at the hotel. I'm not going to name the airline because it wasn't their fault. A flight attendant failed to show up and they couldn't find a replacement and had to shrink the plane size and ask volunteers to take a later flight.

The taxi was quaint, a woman and her friend. I don't think I used the Thermopolis service, but a service in Riverton. If anyone would like to use her service, she likes at least one-day notice. I learned a lot on the car trip though, saw Wyoming antelope-things that I didn't know existed, and the great cliffs and canyons that are nothing like in Maryland.


The dust is something new though and I'm sneezing. I can also feel the altitude in my bones and veins, though I'm sure I'll soon adjust.


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