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Thermop, as the people here call it, sees a lot of tourists because of it's mineral hot spring. Despite a sulfur smell, the water feels so smooth, even the non-smelly tap water is rich with minerals.

Giant mineral deposits are ever-growing in the park.

This was the plaque though some of the words have washed away.

The memorial plaque by the Best Western's pool and spa, which is all mineral water.

The dry air also feels cleaner and thinner though this may be because of the altitude. Or maybe it's that we're hours from a major city.

The actual temperature is only in the 60s and 70s today, but it feels like a Maryland 70s or 80s day. Because there is little foliage, the sun is always on you. I'm glad I brought a hat and sunscreen as I have to walk a little over a mile to the grocery store and back.

Oh and I traveled back in time! Not only am I on a different time (two hours back from the east coast), but there are dinosaurs everywhere. Murals, statues, fossils, street signs all have dinosaurs in them.



Aja Hannah said:

I just got the pictures to work so I'm slowing adding them to my old and new posts.

And thank you!

The slippery feeling of the water is the "base" pH! You smell H2S, which leaves OH- ions in the water, rendering it as a base. The result is as slippery as any other base in a chem class - science is too cool :)

Aja Hannah said:

Thanks for the information. I was wondering what the make-up was.

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