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I am at Denver Airport updating from my phone (go technology!) and though my flight was early I still have to wait for a four hour layover period before the plane to Riverton leaves. However, our flight has been delayed for another two hours, leaving me in Denver for 6 hours! I am glad I brought so much to do but I still wonder how it will occupy me for (what is now) 11 hours of travel. This is why it 's a good idea to fly in a day or so early. I still also need to make arrangements with the Wyoming Taxi Service, but since the flight time changed I will wait a bit.

Good news is I got a call from Greg Wilson (I believe) a paleontologist at the center and he said he would give me a tour the day before work starts. He also said they just dug up a big bone! I hope they've saved some work for me!

Other good news is I found a job for the summer. Though it is my old job and it doesn't pertain to my majors, I'm really just happy to have a job and one that I like when I get back. I will write more when I get to my hotel, gotta save battery.

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