Thermopolis in Black and White

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Thermopolis is right around the corner and though I haven't been able to find a summer job or internship that works around it, I'm still in high spirits. I was able to acquire a black and white 38mm film camera and two rolls so far to shoot while I'm there. I'll just have to secure permission. I'm hoping to take a digital camera as well to document my trip.

I will be frequently updating my blog about the work, certification, and just overall experience. Hopefully, I'll even be able to post pictures, but we'll see what kind of access I will really have. I've bought two more dinosaur books, though I'm not sure how much they will help. I think the field experience and professional instruction is what will really set me on the right path. It's a good thing I'm a quick learner.

Over the summer, I'm also hoping to meet Dr. Matthew Carrano, the curator of dinosauria, at the Smithsonian after I return.

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