What's in my Dino Pack?

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So my June Dinosaur Adventure in Wyoming is coming up quick. I've decided to create a master list of items to pack; the normal travel items included like clothes, hair products, and girlish things like make-up. However, my list also includes specifics for Wyoming Dinosaur Center/Big Horn Basin Foundation (BHBF) certification.

From an email I received from Seth Chamberlain, a BHBF administrator, this is what they advise:

Field: Boots (preferably with ankle support), water bottles, geology tools
(hammer, etc that they can provide), sunscreen, insect repellent, field
hat, warm and cold clothes that are durable and might get dirty.

Prep Lab: Clothes that will get dirty, closed toed and heeled shoes

Molding and Casting: Clothes that will get dirty, closed toed and heeled

Collections: Closed toed and heeled shoes

I am not doing collections this time as I only have money and time stored away for three weeks. Also, the field work usually takes two weeks, but they said that (if pressed for time) quick learners can cram the information in one week.

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