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We caught a blue-bellied lizard in the field today!

After a night of good sleep, I will be headed back to home. My last day was spent in the field at CB, learning a bit of pedastaling, but mostly spending time with the friends I have made here.

BTW: To pedastal is to slowly chip away the matrix an inch or so from the bottom of the bone, in preparation to remove the rock or jacket it with tinfoil or burlap.

Today was also the hottest day, upper 80s, and they told me that it gets even hotter as the summer wears on. I can't imagine working in that. We were chased off the mountain by another storm. Apparently, the rains stop at the end of June and Wyoming plants wither and brown.

(Site locations: TH has now been worked through to be CB, this only shows one side of mountain)

While chipping and resting, we talked of crazy relatives and pregnancy, made-up families, and pop culture (movies, music, books, web videos). Web videos like the Yes Dance and Jurassic People. The interns also like to make-up stories one-by-one.

I came out with two certifications and residual knowledge also for molding and casting and intermediate prep lab. I wasn't able to make the time requirements for the intermediate certification. However, we were welcomed back next year also.


Congratulations on your accomplishments, and on your dedication to blogging about your work.

Aja Hannah said:

Thanks. Hopefully, I'll have black and white prints to share. They might have gotten messed up as they went through the checked luggage, but we'll see when I get back to school.

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