Tourist Adventure: Part One

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I realized that I did so much last weekend and haven't updated any of it. It hardly pertains to my dinosaur study/certification, but it does with my dinoAdventure.

I decided to do the tourist-y things in the Hot Springs State Park and walked past the Teepee Spa, hot springs bathhouse, and another hot springs pool. Behind these buildings is a path around the original hot springs that flow into the river. The springs had hot multi-colored water, surrounded by rock that looked like crusted sand dunes.


This leads right to a swinging bridge that, as the name suggests, swings and bounces as you cross the river.



From there we saw more hot springs and learned their chemical make-up.



Almost everything is in walking distance (if you don't mind walking about a mile). You can go to the Thermopolis website to ask for a brochure of these and other tourist sites. They will also send you a map. In most Thermop museums or hot tourist spots, there are also these brochures.

View from the end of the safe, walkable distance:



Mickey Hannah said:

That water sure looks inviting!!! Hope you got an opportunity to cross the swinging bridge. It reminds me of the Forbbiden Bridge.

Aja Hannah Author Profile Page said:

I did go across the bridge and it was kind of like the game, but it had a sturdier railing.

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