Making A Community and Prioritizing Properly

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"...if you just put them in their jobs where they have their game face on. They won't really feel like they're all togeth- er in a common cause. You have to get them in other settings where they begin to see each other as humans, and when you do that, they're much more likely to behave well toward one another in the work setting."

I want to take this quote and really put it into action. For Eye Contact, as well as the Setonian, we haven't done much in the way of bonding. Company events used to sound dumb to me, but that was because I was a team member, not a corporate employee. I was there to make my pay check and go. Working on Eye Contact as a leader now, I feel it can be something better.

However, Eye Contact and the Setonian lack dedicated, bonded members. The result is less effort and our product turns out far below where it could be. Now, the only question is how to create a bond or an event that the rest of EC/Setonian would see as beneficial rather than time-wasting/boring/some mandatory thing.

I think I will have more meeting times to allow growth for the staff and our goals.

"The lessons are that the institution has to come first."

Boy am I learning this. Though this section was about firing people (a hurdle I believe I will soon have to jump), I also apply it to my own dedication. I want to do so many things, but I have to make time for the most important things and see those through. What's most important to me, above work and school? Eye Contact and bettering Eye Contact and really doing something I believe my team can do.

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