My First Scratch Development

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For EL405 New Media Projects, I am to develop a game using the tool Scratch. It's been a long process, but I decided on a text-based adventure game. I started with a character who is late to class and needs the players help to get there.

So far I have several scenes and costumes, but only two in which the player needs to click up or right. I plan to develop another interactive scene in which the player needs to click left.

At this point, if the player clicks up or right when they aren't supposed to, the game will take them to a "Fail" screen. If they make it past my preliminary levels, the gamer will get the "End" screen where they earn confetti.

My plan is to better develop the down and left buttons as actions and (if touched at the wrong time) will send the player to the "Fail" screen. I will use the "when player clicks down" then "broadcast fail." However, for "left" I will need to copy my previous directions which include: "when player clicks left" then 'if - touching color - else broadcast FAIL" then "switch costume" then the desired movement.

Note that I have a copied costume for each level. So that the character's look doesn't change, but if it's not the right costume number for the right screen, then she won't be running all over the place.

At this point, the buttons do nothing. I also need to do usability tests to see if my simple directions will be enough for a player to know when to click on the character and when to push an arrow key.

Difficulties I've had include getting the character to only move on the desired screen. I've solved this with the help of my professor Dr. Jerz and the "if/else" statement bars.

I also attempted to have confetti pop up, but when I succeeded I found it very static. Shelly Polly, classmate, helped me by suggesting the background be multiplied with different confetti and then switched back and forth to give the appearance of movement.

Another point of contention, I wanted the character to go behind the background I had set and appear to go up the steps. Dr. Jerz told me to design a box that appears in front of her, but blends into the background going the speed she goes. There was a lot of tweaking done there to get them both to move at the same incline, at the same time.

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