On Change And Diversity

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Two messages to reporters that I want to live by: 

"They want the reporter to be passionate for the story, to take risks, to reach for that part of the story others might overlook. Then the editor has to shift gears, making sure that passion doesn't come at the expense of objectivity, making sure that risk doesn't lead to bad reporting and shoddy work." - Norman Pearlstine

One of my goals this semester is to find A&E writers. By this I mean passionate writers and dedicated writers. Their approach may need to be refined, but I want them to like what they do and to do it well. I need diversity to do this.

This week freshman students read from Haiman about the importance of diversity in the paper and in the newsroom. In Coffey, I learned about something similar, my responsibility as a leader to represent diversity. The Setonain is a primarily female driven paper and many times we lose the male perspective (outside of sports). An example would be the article I even wrote on Boyfriends in Bedrooms, a feature about female roommates in relationships getting along.

The dynamics of male relationships were so far from the female and my knowledge that I could not fairly represent their side. This semester I am glad to see two new male faces in the Setonian and in Eye Contact (as a woman dominated publication). I'm also seeing more color as shallow as that may seem. Students from outside of PA, outside of the US will give the Setonian a more rounded perspective.

Eye Contact is spreading diversity as well by looking outside the Greensburg community for contributions. We want not only wants students, professional writers, and residents of Greensburg, but we want first-time writers, moms, out-of-state writers to better our issues.

It's important to keep this diversity, I just don't know how to do that.

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