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The Usability Testing Tips were mostly review because I took Writing for the Web my freshman year, but everyone needs to review. I had forgotten that I should ask questions that have a quantity (disagree strongly, disagree somewhat, agree, etc.) and to balance that with a short test.

This will be challenging because I want to know so much about different aspects of my game. However, this will not keep my volunteer's attention so I will have to test multiple people.

"Sequence Your Subjective Questions from General to Specific...By simply mentioning something in a question, you call attention to it."

I actually forgot about this part, but it is a good way to direct the test without focusing in on one spot too swiftly. I may be concerned about the direction of the characters, but if I ask first where they found problems with the game. The player may decide an issue with instructions was more important than the direction.

Later while writing questions:

I'm having a hard time making up questions that aren't opinion, but also aren't specific. I have two general questions so far:

"How would you improve this game?" and "List 3 postives/3 negatives of the game"



Dennis Jerz said:

You might also say, "What are three things that strike you about this game," and keep track of whether the things they say are positive or negative. Then ask specifically for positive and negative things?

Recall that you will learn SOMETHING useful with just about any test.

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