Logging On and Importing Pictures to Layout

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As a New Media Journalism student at Seton Hill University, I realize the difficulties in creating a print paper in Quark and InDesign. Because I am the arts and entertainment editor of the school paper The Setonian, its part of my job to help students new to the program. For EL 200: Media Lab, I have created two screencasts that demonstrate how to log on to the server (different from logging on to the computers) and how to import pictures into the layout.

Below you will find my written instructions:

  1. Know what pictures you need. Talk to the photo editor about which ones need to be imported. If there is no photo editor, talk to the section editor or the layout editor.
  2. Make sure the photos are in black and white. To do this follow step three to log on, but at "j" choose "Photos" intead of "Layout". If they are not B&W, start the grayscale process.
  3. Pull up the proper Quark layout file. It will be in the Setonian server, in the current semester/year/issue.
  4. First connect to the server.
  5. Go to "Go" on the Finder menu screen and scroll down to "Connect to Server" 
  6. Choose the long "afp://ximages02.setonhill.edu" and click connect. 
  7. Enter name and password as shown on papers beside the computers.
  8. Select Users and click OK
  9. By this time, you should have connected. If going on the internet and it asks for a keychain, click cancel.
  10. In the list of Users, find "setonian"
  11. Open Setonian file
  12. Pick appropriate semester and year 
  13. Pick Layout 
  14. Open working Quark layout. There should be only one.
  15. Find the pages that still need photos inserted and start.
  16. Click the empty picture frame you want to put a picture into. Picture frames should be black and 0.5 pt.
  17. Go to File. Then Import Picture. 
  18. Make sure you're choosing from Setonian, the proper issue, and photos folder.
  19. When you single click on a picture, it will pull up a shot of it. If it is not in black and white, do not insert. Make sure here the blacks and black and whites are as white as possible for the best final image in the paper. If the picture is not bright, go to Photoshop and fix it please. When you're satisfied you have the right and best picture, click open/insert/ok/return. 
  20. The picture should now appear in the frame. To move the whole frame, use the item or compass key above the content key.
  21. To move just the picture, use the content key as seen in the top left corner here. 
  22. This picture is not big enough for the picture frame. Once a photo is in Quark, it cannot be formatted. In this case, record the X and Y readings (seen here in top tool bar, second set of measurements) and take those numbers to Photoshop to resize. 
  23. Save the new picture on the Setonian server under the Photos folder and under an identifiable name with the tag "- resized".
  24. SAVE ALL CHANGES in the under the original name. Do not create a new Quark file. 

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