End Scratch: Still So Late

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After my second go-round of usability testing in which I recorded screencasts for Late to Class 2.0, I realized that though taking out the clicks helped, the testers were frustrated having to sit through the whole beginning again and again. 

I tried clicking the screen to change the background, but the character's costume needed to be synched up as well. I started to make a skip button, but I couldn't get the code to match up. I went back to my first idea of the screen and found a way (creating a new broadcast) to link up the screen and the costume.

My next major change was to the text and directions. I gave two hints/tips. The first to click the screen to skip to the action. The second to not hold down the keys. I didn't say which keys to click to move (I didn't want to make it too easy), but I found the testers were holding down the keys to move the player and that would inevitably lead them the wrong way.

The last change actually came up after the game was uploaded. I found that the character showed up on the FAIL screen and the caption did not. Dr. Jerz helped me work through this because in my coding offline there was no such problem. It ended up that script stopped too soon. So I moved the "stop script/all" button to after the character is hidden rather than immediately after the background showed up.

Another student played the game and, though she brought up new ideas, she showed that I was able to fix the major kinks.

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