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"Getting the problem focused and then getting stuck, and then getting away from it -- to something else -- has always been useful to me...It's when I get distracted." - Jack Fuller

I can agree with this latest section of Coffey (Personal/Work Balance). When I'm trying to write a paper (and I have no idea), the best thing for me is to get distracted or relax and nap until I come up with an idea. The same thing when I'm brainstorming for Eye Contact. I'm trying to think of new ways to update EC and get the campus more involved. The best times to think about that are right after a meeting when my mind was on it to begin with or while clearing my mind.

"Work can be 24/7 if we let it."

I forget this all the time. I forget to shut off and do things that I enjoy. This really impacted me this weekend when things didn't go as smoothly as planned with Eye Contact and other school responsibilities. There are things more important than my fake job and grades. I recently spent a weekend in MD and loved it. I wanted to spend more time there, doing the things I used to, and so I'm looking forward to winter break.

The hardest thing is to figure out how you balance your own personhood, your true self, with the demands of the group."

This was another problem this week. I've wanted to be myself because I get sucked in and have little fun. But at the same time, I cannot lead a group that way. I'm at an impasse now and I need to find what's important to me. Leading EC, being myself, or finding a balance. I can say now that if I can't find a balance then I'd rather be myself.

For now, I'm going to do what Tom Johnson suggests and keep a private list of the things I wish to accomplish for myself.

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