Midterm Portfolio: Not All From Scratch

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Introduction: The purpose of this portfolio is to observe the strides I have made in my New Media Projects class. My journey with learning code started with html in Writing for the Web and has come full circle to creating a better website/resume in New Media Projects. So far I have learned the basics of code, how to turn my mind from writing to coding, and learned the appropriateness/place for both. I also improved my skill in assisting others and learning from them, including Usability Testing.

Unit One: The first program I was introduced to was Scratch. My first (and only) scratch game is: Help! Africa is Late. In the beginning, my standards were low and my plan was simple, to take an story and make it interactive. I ended up frustrated by the lack of control and options that I had. By the end, I had complicated my game in code (in a good way). On the outside, it was still simple, but I had specific costumes for scenes and limited actions. I also had a plan for if I took the game further. 

In Scratch, I really found the value of Usability Testing as well. Because I didn't know the code as well (I've done IF and html before) and I've never made a visual game, I saw the testers/players use different keys and actions throughout the game.

For Unit Two, our class worked on Interactive Fiction (IF). Though I've written a short game before, I forgot many of the basic steps. After refreshing my mind and creating a plan, I learned some new tricks. My game, created after my own story, was called: "Rebellion Run - The Start of It". I was excited by the endless of expanse of ideas and creations. The problem was figuring out the Recipe book. The book and the error codes were very hard to understand. I got through it with help/translations from friends and the professor and their examples. Through this unit, I learned to manage and think in technical terms.

From Usability testings, I explored teaching Inform Seven because two of the testers had never played the game before. This gave me a better understanding of the game's coding as well. 

In Unit 3, we refreshed and rehashed html. I learned the importance of meta-tags and constructing a site for different formats. HTML allows for even more freedom so I found I need a basis to start. I used my professor's example and modified from there. I branched out from a website about me and my achievements to working on Seton Hill University's (SHU) literary and art magazine Eye ContactIn testing this site, I learned that people have different desires when it comes to color, style, and items of importance. Through the whole unit, I also learned the importance of minute details, like closing a tag or adding an order to a specific element (like paragraph) to create a larger change.

Conclusion: From all of this, I would want an employer to know and to see:
  • my mind is adaptable
  • I can write creatively and technically 
  • I can combine skills to create a useful, entertaining product.
  • I can work with a team to create a better product from scratch, including testing and improving
  • I can take an established product and refine it

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