Unit 3: HTML About Me

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We were to look at apps on the iPad that related to what we wanted to create. The two websites/apps that really struck me were The New Yorker and Men's Health. The New Yorker has a horizontal navigation bar and a full issue online. Each article is linked on a table of contents. Men's Health even had a tutorial and helpful navigation at the bottom of the app. I wanted to put the Eye Contact issue online as well as guidelines and update the homepage.

I found these goals too lofty though with my minimal education on html. I decided to create a guideline app instead.

To start, I modified my professor's html code to practice by creating my own resume. In the process, I learned how to find my own resources. On one page, I wanted the links to be see-through so the background image would stand out. I searched sites and found w3schools and used their source code for this problem. 

 border:1px solid black;
/* for IE */
/* CSS3 standard */

After this, I branched out, creating internal pages, changing the background and styles, and finally starting work on Eye Contact Guidelines. I wanted to create an app that was user-friendly, that submitters could quickly look to when trying to submit work.

I had some trouble-shooting with the arrows and re-sizing/having ellipsis when the page is shrunk. Dr. Jerz was apple to help me with the second problem and I hashed out the first myself. (The problem was in the style sheet/css page.)

I realized there was more to put into the guidelines then I originally thought. I now needed to include a FAQ page, a page about the special issues, and separate pages for the different guidelines' styles. This threw off my plan of reconstructing the Eye Contact homepage with a horizontal toolbar and graphics on the front.

In one test, I found they disliked the EC color, in another I found the links/scrolling don't work the same on different browser formats, in a last the tester was satisfied with the ease of navigation and the website as a whole. I plan to fix these links and formats for the web browsers and change the color slightly.

If I had more time, I would expand the Eye Contact website. I would also tone down the color (as some have suggested) and make the app better adjusted for the iPad (when it flips around). I sketched out what I wanted and right now I have another student who said they would work to complete/fix the site. I hope that what I've done already will help him in that process.

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