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My term project for EL405: New Media Projects will be an extension of my Inform Seven "Rebellion Run" game. Not only do I intend to add more detail, but I want to make a fuller story, closer to my original desire for the unit two project. I am not yet sure if I want to create it as a separate chapter/a whole new game, or a new scene, or just an add on to the rest.

By Thursday, I will have the rest of the rooms created and, hopefully, detail in the appropriate places. This will challenge me to come up with a creative storyline (extended from where I am now, and shortened still from my original thought). This will also challenge me technologically because I will need to create more commands and interaction with characters. I also will have to more closely understand what my players expect from my wording because the end won't be so simple now.

By Tuesday, I want to have an understanding of what commands will be difficult to implement and where I need to spend my time. I want to be able to reach/make one distinct ending (though overall I'd like to have several endings).

I feel confident in my understanding of Inform Seven and abilities to work on it by myself if necessary. I also find this to be the most fun option out of the three to work with. It gives me creative ability not found in Scratch, but with structure so I'm limited and don't overwork myself.

So recap:
  • Extension of Inform Seven Game
  • By Tues - all rooms and simple descriptions
  • By Thurs - one working ending
  • Goals - To have fun, not be too stressed
  • Refresher - On code for keys and locks, and character interaction
  • Confidence - Creative capability


Megan Seigh said:

I am not sure what your game is going to include (of course that is going to be up to you) but I feel like you could definitely just add on to your existing game! No game can have too much information, and since you already worked so hard on your first Inform7 game, then I think it is perfectly appropriate to make it more advanced! And exciting! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kiley Fischer said:

I agree with Megan. You were telling me the original storyline earlier in the semester and it seems like something that would be awesome to read. With more to do in the game and more storyline, this could be a seriously awesome Inform game.

Jessie Krehlik said:

(sorry if this posted already)


Your expectations and goals are well organized. Are you planning to create additional characters to interact with as well? If you need help with keys and locks, I can give you the code from my inform 7 game that I did for EL236—I had plenty of keys and conditions in that game, even though the game itself was pretty short. Let me know how I can help :-)

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