It's Really A Resume

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My last project was an html page that was suited for the iPad. I would like to be able to download it as an app for my final project. Though the webpage is not optimized for every browser (explorer), the page shows up well on the iPad.

Before my first test, I changed the color to a darker red as some had suggested before. I also centered my picture and made all the links even.

After my first recorded usability test, I found that my tester did not realize the home page was a resume. So I added the word resume to the title and inserted three supplemental resumes as pdfs to the homepage. Maddie Gillespie was able to assist me with this.

A last problem was the format for the iPad. When turned on its side, the screen wasn't fitted properly and would not zoom in or out to compensate. This would have been a big issue, but Dr. Jerz had the coding answer and I was able to simply plug it in.

The last thing that came up was the preference to color. My tester actually did not like the darker red and would like to see it lightened up. This may be something I explore further for my final project.

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