Money and Conflict

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"Instead of yearning for a bigger budget, decide how to do things differently and successfully with what's available. Start thinking from zero-based premises" (110).

I found this interesting and I must have missed it in the original source. Eye Contact's budget is shrinking and it seems like we're trying to do everything with what we have and still raise money. Recently, we've decided to cut some things. We're cutting the amount of copies so as to have a larger book. We've raised just enough money to have a color cover next year.

We've put off ordering T-shirts, pencils, and other things that we'd like to have. We aren't printing the Pirates issue, but putting it online. We have a thermometer poster to show us how much we've raised. We're cutting corner's where we can and focusing on what we do have rather than what we don't.

"Anticipate trouble. Move quickly to confront it. When appropriate, apologize fully" (111).

This doesn't always help and my main problem is: "Don't bear grudges. Have an argument -- then move on to new business" (111). 

This also interferes with the Setonian. When someone fails to write an article or gets into a personal conflict with me, it is difficult for me to let go and move forward with them. Really, I end up excluding them and I'll have to work on that.

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