Revised and Updated: New Media Portfolio

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Since my last portfolio, I have conducted more usability tests that were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. I have continued to show my mental flexibility in creativity and technical writing. I now not only have complete projects, but projects that are more detailed and complex throughout the game or website.

In this I simplified the keys for the user, added more instruction, and expanded the original game.

For this revision, I worked on deeper descriptions, a way to encourage the player to interact with another character, and a last ending for those who get stuck.

This was the easiest fix by far, mostly because I had Dr. Jerz and Maddie Gillespie's help. I plan to further this project for my final project. My goal is to create a more complex website for Eye Contact, and a simple way for submitters to download the Guidelines as an app. I forsee a problem though because I cannot find my own iPad to work with at this time.

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