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Jessie Krehlik on Final Project - Inform Extension: (sorry if this posted already)
Kiley Fischer on Final Project - Inform Extension: I agree with Megan. You were
Megan Seigh on Final Project - Inform Extension: I am not sure what your game i
Dennis G. Jerz on Newseum - More Than You Want: A bit of fill-in flash would h
Dennis G. Jerz on The Start of My IF Adventure: Looks like you learned a lot f
white gold diamond earrings on The Necklace: This is really sad. I was actu
Dennis G. Jerz on IF Game Plan: "Rebellion Run": I like the idea of romance poi
Dennis Jerz on Useful Usability Review: You might also say, "What are
Aja Hannah on dinoEnding: Thanks. Hopefully, I'll have b
Aja Hannah on Tourist Adventure: Part One: I did go across the bridge and
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