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Moving on Up

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[original assignment post]

    This assigned blog is supposed to reflect what I, the reader, have learned from reading E-Mail: Ten Tips for Writing It Effectively. A problem arises though when I think that my e-mails already follow all the criteria listed. The only listed tip that I sometimes skip over is responding promptly. I do follow the bad habit of forgetting to reply to e-mails that I receive right away.

    Some of the tips did bring up good ideas though. While everything seemed to be common sense, most people don't think to proofread or keep a calm mind unless told so. Identifying yourself is also an often overlooked necessity. Many e-mails are sent without any identification and more confusion than help is caused.

    As college students attempting to prove ourselves in the professional world, appropriate e-mails are a must. Being as e-mails have become a main way of communicating, those e-mails must have an air of professionalism about them.

Not a Witty Title with Web Shorthand

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About half said they sometimes omitted proper punctuation and capitalization in schoolwork. A quarter said they had used emoticons like smiley faces. About a third said they had used text shortcuts like "LOL" for "laugh out loud."
-Informal Style of Electronic Messaging Is Showing Up in Schoolwork, Study Finds

    I hate web shorthand. My text messages, instant messages, and e-mails all contain capital letters and punctuation. Maybe it's because I'm an English Literature major, but I cannot bring myself to use a "lol" or "jk" in a message to someone.

    I know that web shorthand is truly extending and being used by the masses because my mom texts me with web abbreviations."Aunt Theresa was glad 2 get out 4 the ride & c u & ur school." That is an example of one of the recent text messages I received from my mother. The capitalization are and punctuation are still there, but how long will that last?

    While I don't personally use web shorthand, I do see the usefulness in it. Abbreviations are much faster and easier to type. The recipient still understands the message and less time was used. Useful, though, does not equal correct. So while I am still living on this earth, fully typed words are not in danger of dying out. Correct capitalization and punctuation will continue to supersede web abbreviations and slang.

And back it up now...

Split Personality

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" have one's own thoughts transported instantly across the globe. But once there, they become fodder for anyone who is inclined to turn an author's words against him."

    Writing on the internet scares me. For that matter, posting anything on the internet scares me. As displayed in the article written by Bill Schackner, accessible by the above link, anything you post on the internet can be used against you. While as Americans we are given what we call Freedom of Speech, that freedom does not exempt you from being penalized for offending other people. You are given the freedom to say whatever you wish to, but you do have to own up when your speech, or writings in this case, irritates other individuals.

    While blogging is a now popular way to express opinions, those opinions can be seen by anyone. Students, and those other individuals striving to be known in the online community, have to be careful when posting anything on the internet. Their fun night, as in Stacy Snyder's case, or controversial opinions can cost them opportunities in the workforce. Stacy Snyder was denied her teaching license when her university discovered a picture of her drinking on MySpace. The same idea is applicable to writing.

    There cannot be a split in Internet personality and "real-life" personality. The person is the same and will be treated as such.

Old Women and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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    Just when I thought I was out of the house and on my own, my mother showed up with old women and pinapple upside down cake. 
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