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    This assigned blog is supposed to reflect what I, the reader, have learned from reading E-Mail: Ten Tips for Writing It Effectively. A problem arises though when I think that my e-mails already follow all the criteria listed. The only listed tip that I sometimes skip over is responding promptly. I do follow the bad habit of forgetting to reply to e-mails that I receive right away.

    Some of the tips did bring up good ideas though. While everything seemed to be common sense, most people don't think to proofread or keep a calm mind unless told so. Identifying yourself is also an often overlooked necessity. Many e-mails are sent without any identification and more confusion than help is caused.

    As college students attempting to prove ourselves in the professional world, appropriate e-mails are a must. Being as e-mails have become a main way of communicating, those e-mails must have an air of professionalism about them.


It's certainly not a problem if you're already writing this way... that's great! I'm glad to hear it.

Jed Fetterman said:

It's hard to respond on time. I know that I am having trouble transitioning from summer, where I go days without going on the internet, to school, where I should probably check my mail a couple times a day. All of this profession stuff sounds easy in theory, but I think that it would be hard to do all ten pointers every time I send an e-mail.

Andy Lonigro said:

I agree. As college students there has to be an awakening to the professionalism of the real world. We will all (hopefully) graduate and be working at jobs where e-mailing may be required and not having the correct skills to correspond with others, whether they're out bosses, coworkers, or friends, leaves us out of luck for success. It's important that we know and understand the rules of communication and this list is a great way to make sure we are on target as far as communicating through e-mail.

Wind energy said:

Professtional emails are a must for anyone using computers and today thats just about everyone.

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