Not a Witty Title with Web Shorthand

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About half said they sometimes omitted proper punctuation and capitalization in schoolwork. A quarter said they had used emoticons like smiley faces. About a third said they had used text shortcuts like "LOL" for "laugh out loud."
-Informal Style of Electronic Messaging Is Showing Up in Schoolwork, Study Finds

    I hate web shorthand. My text messages, instant messages, and e-mails all contain capital letters and punctuation. Maybe it's because I'm an English Literature major, but I cannot bring myself to use a "lol" or "jk" in a message to someone.

    I know that web shorthand is truly extending and being used by the masses because my mom texts me with web abbreviations."Aunt Theresa was glad 2 get out 4 the ride & c u & ur school." That is an example of one of the recent text messages I received from my mother. The capitalization are and punctuation are still there, but how long will that last?

    While I don't personally use web shorthand, I do see the usefulness in it. Abbreviations are much faster and easier to type. The recipient still understands the message and less time was used. Useful, though, does not equal correct. So while I am still living on this earth, fully typed words are not in danger of dying out. Correct capitalization and punctuation will continue to supersede web abbreviations and slang.

And back it up now...


Denamarie Ercolani said:

I would just like to applaud you for this blog.
I absolutely agree with you on the idea that typed words are not in danger of dying out and that correct capitalization and punctuation will continue to supersede web abbreviations and slang.

I do use this new for of web shorthand with friends, but have never used it in the academic world. I am a double English major, but I need to break away from the correct punctuation and grammar every now and then in my personal life so I can remain sane.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I hate web shorthand too. I can't stand when my friends send me at text message and use "u" instead of "you." I feel like asking them if they're seriously that lazy that they can't use T9 to type two more letters onto the screen.

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