And the class ran a whole gamut of viewpoints.

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Chapter 8 ... Chapter 8 ... Chapter ... eight...
I have nothing witty to say about Chapter 8, but I did find Chapter 8 interesting though because it brought up many valid points and techniques concerning persuasion.

Without even considering the uses of semantics, the idea itself is very interesting. Words can be taken in many different ways. Two words that have the same general definition may carry completely different implied meanings. A writer can use semantics to successfully translate his or her feelings to the reader.

"Register involves choosing words that reflect your understanding of the social situation and how the people involved see one another."
-Writing for the Web 3.0, Kilian

I use register all the time, but I didn't know it had a name! The idea of register is very useful because different groups of people require different types of words. Formal situations require more formal wording, etc. etc. I would think that you know all this, but I found it interesting that this use of words has a name.

There was a lot in this chapter about propaganda. I think that propaganda deserved such a big section because of its heavy use in the media, and in writing, to persuade audiences. It was interesting to learn about the major types of propaganda and the propaganda devices.

What I found most interesting about Chapter 8 was my classmates' responses to the chapter. Before I blogged this entry, I shuffled through some of the blogs already posted. Most of the reactions were strong. What I found most interesting is that almost everyone took a different angle when talking about the blog.
  • Andy blogged about his outrage at the audacity of the author to state what holds "legitimate appeal" among readers.
  • Chelsea found the chapter "beautiful" and very informative.
  • Maddie focused on the ethical points that the chapter brought up.
  • Aja found the section on propaganda to be most interesting and helpful to her.
  • Jed picked up on a commented his disagreed with about using fear to manipulate.
I enjoyed reading everyone's reactions to this particular chapter. There seemed to be more diverse viewpoints than I've ever recognized in a blogging assignment before.

Interested? Go see what the rest of the class had to say about Chapter 8!



Jed Fetterman said:

Good job using a blurb on the course site. It worked, for me at least: I wanted to see if I was on your blog, and I was. Thanks for using some of my ideas, they're always there if you need them.

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