Are things even really changing?

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After reading Dr. Jerz's blog on his Usenet experience, the first thing that came to my mind was Facebook. Just like Usenet, Facebook has become swamped with more and more students users. As I am a newer student user, I cannot attest to the fact that the site is being ruined by so many people, but I can attest to hearing the same from other people. They claim that Facebook is not the same because of the high amount of people that now use it on a regular basis.

While Facebook is much more gaudy than Usenet seemed to be, the same concept is true. Once a website becomes overpopulated by a younger group trying to fit in, appeal of the site is lost. The same thing happened with MySpace. Once I started receiving friend requests from kids my youngest brother's age, I knew it was time for me to move on from that site.

There will always be groups that change or fall apart because of their appeal to the younger generations. Websites are just the current example. I wonder what it will transfer to in the future.

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