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Still, blogs tend to follow some basic conventions and fall into a few basic genres that often overlap. Writing in these new genres still relies on orientation, information, and action. But much depends on the genre you've chose to write in.
-Writing for the Web 3.0, Kilian

Ahhh. Blogs. This is finally a topic that I feel I have a reason for reading about. Considering I'm all wrapped up in blogging now, introducing the types of blogs was something that grabbed my attention... and held it!

What exactly struck me about Kilian's lecture, as it were, on blogs? Well, since the question has been asked, I must answer. It was the fact that Kilian treated blogging as a specific type of writing with its own genres. Blogging has become prominent enough to demand it's own genres. The major types Kilian outlined are:
  • Personal
  • Job
  • Specialist
  • News
  • Advocacy
Kilian also acknowledged the fact that the blog genres can and do overlap. What I'm curious about is where this blog, my blog, Seton Hill's blog, falls. What is an academic blog considered? None of the above? All of the above? Or does it depend on the subject matter?

I think that I can classify blogs under another blog genre. The Experimental Blog. This is the blog of the blogger that has not settled around a major type yet. I feel that this might describe our academic blogs best. While we have set issues and articles we must blog about, our responses to the articles can fall under any of the above genres. In addition to the required blogging, we are free to write about any other topics we choose. Our academic blogs become a form of experimenting, finding our writing style and not just for blogging.

So thank you Kilian for giving credit to blogging as such an expansive form of writing that it has formed it's own genres.

Whoa. How many times can you forms of the word "blog" in a piece of writing? A lot...

Other's views on Kilian's take on blogging? Go see.

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