Disce pati.

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Disce pati: Learn to endure.
Whoever coined this Latin phrase surely had Kilian's book in mind.

Speaking of Latin, hurrah for the passive voice! This is something I am very familiar with because of my Latin training. I do thoroughly enjoy the passive voice... when I'm translating Latin. I don't get the point that the author is making. He seems to contradict himself when he says to not use the active too much, but don't use the passive too much either. I don't know what point exactly he was trying to get across.

Avoid cliches like the plague.
-Writing for the Web 3.0, Kilian

Ohh haha Mr. Kilian! Throwing in some wit, I see! You used a cliche when telling readers to avoid cliches! I personally enjoy a good cliche here and there, but I do see the author's point. An article can become stronger when not weighed down with overused phrases.

Whether you're in New Zealand or New York, chances are you make the same errors in Standard English. This section discusses some of the most common errors.
-Writing for the Web 3.0, Kilian

This was surely my favorite part of the chapter. While I am an offender of many a rule, I'm always rooting for the Good Grammar Team. I thought it was an excellent idea on Kilian's part to include these tips in the book.

I'll let Mr. Kilian provide the wit today and just send you back with a simple link.
Kilian, Ch 4 Assignment Page.
Simple enough?

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