Everybody needs a home.

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"That impatience is still with us. Bu now we're impatient to get right to the material we came looking for, and we're likely to hit the Back button if the page doesn't come up right that instant."
-Writing for the Web 3.0, Kilian

Well, now. We'll get to my book quote in just a little while. Let me start by introducing you to the pop star known as Iggy Pop. He was famous for his band, Iggy Pop and the Stooges. He played Uncle Belvedere in one of my favorite movies, Cry-Baby. He is also the man behind my title.

Why, you ask, have I started with an introduction to my title? My title finds its focus on home. The home where I have resided with my family for many years is on Killian Avenue. AHA! A connection has been made. Killian, Kilian. I have felt a connection to this new book, Writing for the Web 3.0, from the moment I picked it up just because of the author's name, Crawford Kilian. Yes, there is an extra "l" in my street name, but that's besides the point. Considering my connection with the book from the start, I had high expectations.

Once again, I hear a question being posed to me. Were those expectations reached? Yes indeed, they were! I am very involved in the website we are creating for class. I really enjoy it. I want to make it the best that my abilities and time allow. I also want my blogs to become more interesting and engaging as I progress through the year. I believe I have found the key with Kilian! The sentences are easy to understand, and I find myself nodding along in agreement. (Yes, I nod when I read.)

Referring to my quote at the top of the page, I found this point in the book to be most true for myself and my experiences. If my web pages don't load right away, I quickly navigate away in hopes of finding a faster one. Even my father, who has not been using a computer for long, becomes frustrated when a web page does not instantly appear before his eyes on the screen before him. Our society has become even more impatient than we already were because of the instant gratification we expect from the web.

I follow this book easily. I understand the reasoning behind it. Computer-screen text is hard to read! Computers do make us impatient! Kilian makes many very good points, and I'm only technically one chapter in! On to the next chapter ... and this time I'm not dreading it.

Speaking of home...

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