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Well 'ello there, love. As humans, we often question our existence with the simple question "Why am I here?". Today, we will explore that question. But the answer will not be about life. The answer will not even pertain to you. In fact, the answer is entirely about me. The question more specifically is "Why is Alex Hull on this blogging site?" I can simply answer your question in two phrases: EL236: Writing for the Internet and Dr. Jerz. Dr. Dennis Jerz teaches a course at Seton Hill University about writing on the internet and how we can accomplish this task in an efficient and intriguing way.

Now that we have determined why I'm here, we can continue on to the topic of what I have done while I've been here. All of these blog entries serve to prove that I am learning and have been doing stuff in this class. It's not all just fun and games! There really is some work involved!

This category includes blog entries in which I have included quotes from the reading, identified the source, and linked back to the course web page devoted to the reading. That is what Dr. Jerz defined coverage as, and so that is what I shall prove!
Posting on time. Blogging takes time but I have managed to get most of my entries in on time. Round of applause!
Interacting with other students in the class. Mainly, if other students are commenting my blogs. This turned out to be one of my favorite parts about blogging. These were actually a few of my first blogs and I was more than excited to recieve my first comments.
Blogs in which I have written about the subject in depth.
  • Death to netiquette abusers! ...nah. -- I really enjoyed writing this blog. I put a lot of extra time into my thoughts and finding links.
  • Everybody loves you now! -- Maybe it's because the title is from a Billy Joel song, but I found myself writing a lot about the smiley and seeing Stephenson change in his thinkings.
Once I found the joy of commenting on others blogs, I also found a new addiction. It's fun and I like giving feedback.
Extra, extra, read all about it!
These are other blogs I feel deserve credit in this portfolio, even if they didn't fit in a category. There are also links to the pages I worked on for this class, which I put extra time into.

And now you may proceed back to the place we all know and love.


Aja Hannah said:

Ah! You tricked me with your catchy comments and beginning statements. It made me click here and leave a comment. Good job!

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