Troll? And here I thought it was just a plastic toy.

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"After all, I was examining a subculture that is built on deception and delights in playing with the media."

    Nothing on the Internet is safe. It's all accessible, depending on how much time someone invests in accessing it. Anything can be accessed and anything can be published under any name.

    Before reading this article, I had no idea what the term "trolling" referred to. Not knowing what it meant, I had no idea it was so prevalent and common. On the internet or in real personal life, I have never understood why people feel the need to tear down others. To me, that's what trolling is, to an extreme level. I do not understand why people must tear down others in order to receive a few laughs.

    The author of this article went to great lengths to gather very specific examples and stories. These stories were very helpful in my quest to understanding trolling. It also gave me insight into the minds of those that troll.
    My parents have always warned me of the dangers of the internet. I've heard many stories and will continue to have more. But I maintain a sense of safety when using the internet and will continue to use it in such a way.

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