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    This exercise was generally pretty simple. The html programming was easy to grasp because I have done a small amount on MySpace before. I did learn how to change Word documents into html files though and I thought that this was very helpful. I used to design simple pages in Word and then copy it over into MySpace. Now I can just design it in Word and easily test it by converting the file. I also found that typing it in Notepad is much simpler because it takes up much less room on your drive.



Aja Hannah said:

Myspace seems to be a big factor in who can do html and creating webpages well. I tinkered around with it so I know that basics, but I was never as good as some people.

Whoo! Notepad rocks.

Alex Hull said:

I agree Aja. Myspace is a big factor in acclimating the younger population to web page creating. It sure helped me.

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