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I'm not a corporate writer. Maybe that's why I truly had no idea what Kilian was talking about in this chapter. Everything I read that I actually grasped I know I've read before. Understand the purpose of your website. Know who you're writing for. Provide the information that you are expected to.

Everything feels redundant. I may just need to step back and reread this chapter. It didn't seem to work for me the first time. Maybe a second reading is just what I need? I hope it will help.

To people that understood what Kilian was talking about.


Andy Lonigro said:

Alex, I also feel like there is a lot of repetition in these chapters but I feel like this on, about corporate writing, deals with more issues like how to write for a specific purpose. The purpose Kilian is talking about is how to present the best and most appealing front for your corporation on your website. He discusses a new idea as well at the end of the chapter when he's talks about how difficult it is to write when there are multiple people trying to ccreate the site. I personally recommend one webmaster, check out my blog entry.


Alex Hull said:

Thanks for the help Andy. I was completely lost in this chapter for some reason. I hope your blog will be of some more help. That's where I'm headed now!

Aja Hannah said:

I'm having a hard time finding new facts also. I feel I've got the basics of his book like Andy said, but any new facts I'm just not retaining. Is there any way to fix this? Or do we just hope we don't get tested on that stuff?

Alex Hull said:

Aja, I think we might just have to review the pages we weren't grasping. I feel confident in the information now that I received some input from others and reviewed the content.
As far as testing goes, we should know ahead of time if we will be tested on a subject. So it follows that we will have time to prepare.

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