3rd Party Candidates

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One question I asked at the lecture with Senator Allen Kukovich involved 3rd party candidates. We are fed so much information about the main party candidates. Where can we go to find more information on candidates from parties other than Democrat and Republican? Not surprisingly, Senator Kukovich was not exactly sure what to tell me because 3rd party candidates are not given much coverage at all.

Running a country is a pretty large job. To chose the person for that job, we are given two major candidates. Out of all the people in a country, do you really think the best person for the job is always found in the major party candidates? I surely don't.

Personally, I think that the best qualified person for the job of president is not even in the running. In fact, they are not running at all. The reason they aren't running: money. The people that do run for president are the ones that have the money to be able to do it.

No matter what the reason, the best qualified person isn't running for president. So we are left with the other options. We actually have more than just two options, but that is all that is mainly presented to us. Where can we find more information on the other candidates?

I was interested in this issue, so I did some research. I did find some sites that would be very helpful in learning about all the candidates.

One site I found is called Politics1. The 2008 Presidential Election Page links to each candidate's page. From there, you can read on each of the candidates you are interested in.

Another site, entitled The Candidates and Their Campaigns, is useful because each party links to a page with more information about the political party and links to the candidates' sites.

Information can be found on other party candidates. Maybe the best candidate for president can be found running on a main party ticket. Either way, I find that it's best to explore all your options.

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