Am I going mad, or did the word "think" escape your lips?

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"Usability isn't your life's work, and you don't have time for a long book."

- Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug

Yes! Mr. Krug really seems to understand his audience: people that have to design websites, not website designers. The second is a profession, and the first group of people is the group that takes on this endeavor for personal and financial reasons, among other reasons. He writes his book for the people that don't have time, that are tired, and just want their website to be appealing and usable.

The points that Mr. Krug makes are simple but definitely strike home for most website users. He explains that web pages should be obvious. Users shouldn't have to really think about how to use the site. The second chapter explains how the "average person" uses a website. Not every word is read. Hardly any words are read. The page is scanned until something of relevancy is found. The third chapter addresses design issues. Make clear headings and sections. It should be obvious that clickable links are, indeed, clickable.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this first section of Krug's book. I enjoy his wit. I find the footnotes to be welcome tossed-in jokes. I didn't notice until the second chapter, but each chapter starts with a relatable quote in the upper right hand corner of the second page. They are interesting and worth reading. I feel like Krug really took his audience into mind when writing this book.

So ... back to what others thought: Krug, Intro-Ch3


And in case anyone was wondering, the title is a line from The Princess Bride.


Jessie Krehlik said:

I would recognize that Princess Bride quote anywhere...haha

And I agree with you concerning Krug. I think he's written a fantastic book, and his insights are so obvious that they're overlooked without him stating them. I never even considered how much information I overlook while on a webpage...until I read these first few chapters.

If only Fizzini had this book to smack Fezzik with...haha.

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