Educated Voting is a Must

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The point that Senator Allen Kukovich was coming to make was that voting is a crucial part of being a United States citizen. He did not come, though, to advocate ignorant voting. What he said was that the country does not need more voters, but it does need more educated voters. I found this to be the most poignant point of his speech. Our country does not need more voters who show up at the polls with no idea of what each candidate stands for. This country needs more voters who actually know what they are voting for.

Many voters think that they are doing their part because they show up on Election Day and cast their vote for the main party candidates who looked good in his or her commercials. Much more should go into making a decision for a candidate than just watching their campaign advertisements and small snippets of information on the news. Each candidates site can be visited to find more on where the individual stands on different political issues. The debates can give a voter crucial information on how the candidates present themselves and what they say they believe. Newspaper articles can be beneficial for keeping a voter updated.

The amount of voting does not need to be increased. Informed voting does.

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