Home is Where the Heart Is

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And according to Krug, a lot of heart should go into the home page.

I found Chapter 7 interesting because the home page is so crucial to a site. So many elements get overlooked when designing a home page. The users do not necessarily know what the designer knows about the site. The users need more concrete and definite information about what they can find on the site. Certain information has to be provided on the home page, no matter how obvious the designer might think it is. If it is helpful to the user, use it in the design.

"Use as much space as necessary."
This is a great tip from Krug. I have seen a lot of websites that could have benefited from extra information, even if it made the page longer.

The point I like best in Chapter 8 concerned the average user. The user in one's head is not the average user. Many users and designers assume that because they don't like a particular site feature, the rest of the web user world must not like it either. Instead of looking at what one might think the average user likes best, look at what a user would find most useful.

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