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After Aja and I created our response website for the Interactive Fiction games we played, I felt confident about it. It contained the main points of our reactions to our time spent with the games. I found the class presentations to be both humbling and helpful.

Watching the other groups present helped me realize the simple things we had missed. Other groups had the idea to include explanations of the assignments and the games. The style sheets used by some of the groups were impressive. The wide variety of styles and ideas showed me that most people are at different levels with both writing and HTML coding. In the end, most of these discrepancies balanced out. The sites that were weak in certain areas made up for it by their strength in other aspects of their site.

The reactions from my classmates helped me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the website Aja and I created. To end on a good note, I'll start with the weaknesses.

Suggested Changes
  • The hyperlink color was not liked. Change it to something more complementary and more easily seen.
  • The pictures on the side of each page were too small. Increase size.
  • It was suggested to create changes with each page to create some interesting differences.
Aspects That Were Liked
  • The clean and simple style of the page. Made the page easy to navigate.
  • Large headings. Draw reader's eye.
  • Link to home page on each internal page.
  • Links to personal blogs.
This exercise, presenting our sites and reviewing the sites of others, was very helpful. I was able to gain ideas by looking at the other group sites. The personal feedback really helped to clarify how others see our site. We were able to attain concrete evidence as to how our website was seen by our peers. I really enjoyed receiving others' reactions and being able to review their websites as well.

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