What did we learn today? Kilian Exercises 1, 2, and 3.

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Exercise 1: Converting Prose to Bullets
This was a generally simple exercise. I already knew how to do this, but it was a quick and helpful review.

Exercise 2: Activating the Passive
I did not understand the point Kilian was trying to make about the passive until the exercise. I didn't know if he wanted to display the passive as a good or bad thing. Once I got to the exercise, I realized that he finds the active more helpful, and I agree.
The exercise itself was easy. Latin closely acquainted me with active and passive forms of verbs so I had no trouble with the exercise. It did help to clear up my confusion with Kilian's point though.

Exercise 3: Using Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary
Anglo-Saxon compared to Greco-Latin words? I truly don't know the difference. The point I took away from this blog was to use shorter, less confusing words. I don't think a word's origin is as important as the level of understandability of the word.

These exercises were helpful in a review sort of way. I already understood all the main concepts, but now I know to apply them to web writing.

Assignment? Certainly.

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